SILVER 4088 Stereo Integrated Tube Amplifier



     Purist audio design for an amazing high fidelity home-audio amplifier. The sound is smooth, dynamic and extremely natural in every music style.

     The Silver-4088 offer an excellent solution into the stereo tube amplifiers integrating a fantastic tube phono preamp for the vinyl users who want the finest sound. The filters for the Bass and Treble controls were designed like the best Pro-Audio mix desks. For the power section, we always use a Single-Ended method with only one power tube looking for the most natural way to amplifier the music.

     In a high-end tube amplifier is extremely important the quality of the output transformer, it is the last component between the power tubes and the loudspeakers, for this reason, we trust in Lundahl transformers (made in Sweden) , the best professional transformers at the moment, perfect flat frecuency response and cero distortion.

  • 40W Ultralineal Power Stage.
  • 6550/KT88 power tube in Single Ended method.
  • E88CC / 6922 tube for the line preamplifier.
  • Frequency response: 7 Hz-25 kHz +/-0.5 dB.
  • Total harmonic distortion: 0.009%.
  • Tube phono preamp for MM cartridges.
  • Tube equalization stage with Bass and Treble controls.
  • Lundahl output transformers.
  • Double power supply inside.
  • AUX, CD , MDS, PHONO inputs.
  • Manufactured using the point-to-point method mixed with turret boards.
  • Stackable format.
  • Weight: 16,8 kg / 37 lbs.


     Please, use your best speakers or headphones. These audio samples were recorded inside our recording room using speakers and microphones trying to simulate a real audition situation. We tested the phono tube preamp (vinyl test) and the line preamp (CD and mp3). All the tests have a small enhancement in the Bass & Treble controls. Enjoy!

     We captured these audios using the following setup:

  • Amplifier: Xtonebox Silver-4088
  • CD-Player: Marantz CD-5001
  • Turntable: Pioneer PL-512
  • Mp3 player: Energy Sistem 2208
  • Audio interface: Motu 4-Pre
  • Microphones (near, left+right): Oktava MK 012
  • Microphone (far): Behringer ECM8000