The perfect gear for every guitar style, from real Clean to Crunch and even Super Lead tones. This Combo Amplifier have 2 independent channels with a Master Volumen and FX-Loop for the best quality sound, powered with 18Watts in Class-A (enough power for every situation).


  •  18W Push-Pull Class-A.
  •  EL84 power stage.
  •  ECC81, ECC82 and ECC83 preamp tubes.
  •  12″ Celestion speaker: G12H-75 Creamback.
  •  18mm wood cabinet, mixing laminated pine and laminated birch.
  •  2 independent channels, with 2 Equalizations and Volume controls.
  •  Channel 1: Pure clean to crunch tones.
  •  Channel 2: Clean, crunch, plexi, super-lead.
  •  Master Volume control. Perfect control for home, studio and live stage without losing the tone from the preamp.
  •  Loop Effect, for the best use of pedals and rack effects.
  •  Diode/Tube rectifier selector: diode UF5408 / tube 5Y3. OPTIONAL.
  •  Footswitch for channel selection.
  •  Output for external speaker (8 ohm).
  •  Dimensions (H,W,D): 42 x 55 x 27 cm.
  •  Weight: 18 kg / 39.5 lbs.

MSRP:   1545€

(21% VAT included)