Neodymium 1020

kt88, reverb, single ended, custom, combo, tube amp      This amplifier combines all who want a guitar player, plug and play with the highest quality tone. We use a special power stage for the pure tones on every note. Long reverbs sense is possible, with a responsive reverb control. Simple controls for just plug your guitar and enjoy.

Guitar Styles:

Clean, Classical, Jazz, Blues, Ambient, Folk, Funky.


  •  20W Single Ended Class-A.
  •  KT88/6550 power stage.
  •  ECC83, E88CC preamp.
  •  Celestion NEO Creamback.
  •  12″ Speaker 60W.
  •  18mm birch plywood cabinet.
  •  Clean to Crunch tones.
  •  Tube spring reverb system.
  •  Gain, tone , reverb and volume controls.
  •  Effect loop.
  •  Output for external speaker.
  •  Two colour finish options.
  •  Dimensions (H,W,D): 42 x 52 x 28,5 cm.
  •  Weight: 18,5 kg / 40 lb.