Silver 6011

The fusion between the best sound from the past with today’s effectiveness.


  • Tube phono preamp for your turntable. Vinyl lovers welcome.
  • Pure warm and sensitivity sound. Tube preamp with EQ controls.
  • Bluetooth HD AptX input. As a DAC for your music devices.
  • Best option for begginners on stereo tube amplifiers.
  • Efficient Class-D power stage: 60W + 60W.


Our selection of products show an elegant aesthetic with special attention to detail to achieve the excellence of a clean and pure electronic design, which faithfully respects the reproduction of music.


Maintaining the purity of the authentic audio valve tone we have managed to optimize concepts, we move the enjoyment of the electric guitar to another level through a series of selected products with solidity and own personality.


Lithium 1005C

The guitar amplifier for your home-playing.


  • Sonido suave y con tonos limpios,  capaz de ofrecer sonidos Crunch, perfectos para las mejores canciones de Blues.
  • Perfect combination with effect pedals.
  • Full Tube amplifier with Tube driven Spring Reverb circuit.
  • Compact dimensions with a real wooden design.


We are audio technology manufacturerstrusting in high design, traditional manufacturing methods and the use of the best components and noble materials to create your audio equipment.

We use audio valves as the technological basis of our products, since they have proven to remain the purest technique of giving sound sensations, they are vitamins for the audio signal.

All our products are based on our own engineering, design and manufacturing. All processes are produced in Galicia (Spain / Europe)..

We work hard to unify the quality of the audio products of yesteryear, where the selection of electronic components, the known of good materials, the feel of their controls add to a great engineering of superior sound and a design worth enjoying for many years.


Designed by us in Galicia, a design that respectfully reminds us of retro products.


Made by our hands, and complying with a high quality control in each unit.


We select the best current electronic components to offer a high quality and sustainable product.


We trust in UPS to deliver your order anywhere in the world. Fast and safe.

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