We are living a strong trend towards the vintage world, this is due to a new cycle of rediscovering the tangible, the design and good materials.

That way, we think in Xtonebox.

We are audio technology manufacturerstrusting in high design, traditional manufacturing methods and the use of the best components and noble materials to create your audio equipment.

We use audio valves as the technological basis of our products, since they have proven to remain the purest technique of giving sound sensations, they are vitamins for the audio signal.
Xtonebox trust in brands like Tung-sol, Genalex and JJ Electronics for its quality and stability.

Self design

Our team is creative and agile to develop products renewing concepts, creating unique designs that offer an exclusive character both inside and outside.

We work hard to bring our cult of good product design and quality electronics to today’s market.

Made in Europe

All our products are based on our own engineering, design and manufacturing, all processes are produced in Galicia (Spain / Europe)In our hands we have suppliers, companies, partners and materials from local and European origin.

Every detail matters

We work hard to unify the quality of the audio products of yesteryear, where the selection of electronic components, the known of good materials, the feel of their controls add to a great engineering of superior sound and a design worth enjoying for many years.

Xtonebox represents the passion for audio technology and music..


During these years we have been in direct contact with hundreds of equipment from the golden age of audio, the 60s and 70s, where it was mostly manufactured in Japan, their philosophy and good design created products that today still works or are repairable, that value of durability is one more specification to consider.

Humbly we have learned and now we implement every day better that idea of creating electronics and products that can be repaired in the future and continue to function, and thus contribute our grain of salt to sustainability and avoid programmed obsolescence.


Reduce to the maximum the unnecessary and enhance the clearly useful, both internally in the electronic design for greater purity of sound, as in the aesthetic design and above all, in the part of user control, to give ease when creating or enjoying music, which is what really matters.


We have not found a better way to transmit our passion for music than by doing it with our mind and our own hands. In a world full of mass production in an industrial way and at the lowest cost in countries at a socioeconomic disadvantage, we have opted for slow manufacturing giving importance to design, the tangible and above all, to create unique products for you.


F. J. Pastoriza Abeijón

Engineering, design
sales , web and manufacture

Néstor González Nogueira

Manufacture, wood-works finish-works and quality control


Alejandro Colman Fasciolo

Electronic manufacturing Technical support


Antonio Estévez Dueñas

Electronic manufacturing Electronic assembly

guitar tube amp, mini tube amp, valve amp

Our Story

We are a relative young audio brand since 2015. We started this from our skills and knowledge in the field of audio and electronics engineering added to our experience in craftsmanship, we decided to contribute with our vision of how quality audio products should be.

Our point of view when designing and at the same time knowing the needs of our clients, is from the reality of being musicians, audio producers and above all, lovers of music in its great variety of contemporary styles.

Our first steps in manufacturing audio products were mini guitar amplifiers with an open concept similar to the aesthetics of hi-fi audio from the 60s. They were very particular products that we began to commercialize in the United States market. The first product was the Green-1005 (pictured) and later its brother Blue-1005. Both today are still in our catalog as Limited Edition products. Later in 2016 we also started working on Hi-fi tube stereo products for the reproduction of music at home, while at the same time we opened the vintage hi-fi store Loudness.

It is also worth mentioning that we have a special love of design, in recent decades we have been invaded with really visually horrible products, design has been put aside because the product is cheaper in mass manufacturing in Asia. We want to rescue that good design that was lived in the middle of the 20th century and integrate them into our present.


For any information, please use our contact page contact page or send us directly an e-mail at info@xtonebox.com
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