• 121ST Automatic Turntable

    • Tribute to the German mechanical engineers from Dual brand in the 1970s.
    • Completely restored vintage Dual turntable.
    • Solid and heavy ash wood plinth.
    • AT-VM740ML MM cartridge.
    • Ready as a vinyl records changer.

    Limites Edition units, contact to know delivery time.

    More info soon.


  • tube phono preamp

    60SP tube phono preamp


    Tube phono preamplifier.

    • 100% tube audio signal circuit - based on the 60s electronic masters.
    • Significantly improved vinyl records response. Sound with great detail and dynamics.
    • Selected audio valves and electronic components, matched for excellent stereo imaging.
    • Minimalist design ideal to accompany the turntable from the side.
  • Silver 6011


    Integrated tube stereo amplifier

    • Tube preamplifier with EQ controls.
    • Phono Tube preamplifier for MM cartridges.
    • Bluetooth HD AptX input.
    • Efficiente Class-D 60W+60W power amp.
  • S-7M


    Bookshelf reference monitors

    • Designed to be compatible with tube amplifiers.
    • Ribbon tweeter for a smooth and natural sound image.
    • Double front bass reflex to avoid room dimensions problems.
    • Handcrafted with real wood.
  • Gold 3066


    Classic integrated stereo tube amplifier

    • Audiophile smooth music response.
    • Vinyl ready. 70s golden-era phono preamp based.
    • Purist low wattage. Single ended ultralineal power amp.
    • Classic design with compact size.

  • S-12C


    Classic Floorstanding Speakers - High Efficiency

    • Realistic listening sensations at moderate volumes. Excellent sound dispersion.
    • Ideal for use with tube amplifiers and/or large rooms.
    • 12″ woofer and dual front bass reflex for natural and controlled bass.
    • Real wood: Front in solid ash. Plywood body birch.
  • Silver 4088


    High end stereo valve amplifier

    • Full valve preamplifier with EQ controls.
    • Vinyl ready. Valve phono preamp.
    • 40W purist ultralineal power amp.
    • Lundahl output transformers.
  • Gold 2084


    Hi-fi mini stereo tube amplifier

    • Low wattage for sensitive speakers.
    • Vinyl lovers, welcome. Transistor phono preamp inside.
    • Three selectable different inputs.
    • Edcor (USA) output transformers.
  • Silver 2088


    High end tube power amplifier monoblock

    • Purist concept mono power amp.
    • Lundahl output transformers.
    • Zero noisefloor. Double choke power supply.
    • One by one selected components.
  • Gold-3066 + S-12C | Cherry


    Sistema estéreo emparejado en acabado de madera Cerezo.


    • Gold-3066 Tube Amplifier
    • Altavoces S-12C (con bases de madera).
    • Professional quality speaker cable
  • Gold-3066 + S-7M | Sunburst


    Stereo system matched in Sunburst wood finish.


    • Gold-3066 Tube Amplifier
    • S-7M Loudspeakers
    • Professional quality speaker cable
  • Silver-6011 + S-7M | Sunburst


    Stereo system matched in Sunburst wood finish.

    Ideal for those who are looking for a Hi-fi setup with a very good sound, balanced, pleasant and with vintage aesthetics but being a new product, and above all, at a discounted price.


    • Silver-6011 Amplifier
    • S-7M Loudspeakers
    • Professional quality speaker cable
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