60SP tube phono preamp


Tube phono preamplifier.

  • 100% tube audio signal circuit - based on the 60s electronic masters.
  • Significantly improved vinyl records response. Sound with great detail and dynamics.
  • Selected audio valves and electronic components, matched for excellent stereo imaging.
  • Minimalist design ideal to accompany the turntable from the side.

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When you play your vinyl records through this phono preamplifier, the first thing you notice is an openness in the sound, then a pleasing presence of detail with great dynamics, which finally boils down to an appreciation of your music from a new point of re-discovery.

Easy to use.

Just worry about what vinyl record you're going to listen to. The input of the preamp is designed with standard impedance and capacitance for MM cartridges. Connect your turntable to the Xtonebox 60SP and its output to your usual device, such as your integrated amplifier (AUX), powered speakers or your sound card for ripping.

(For MC cartridges, please contact us).

Selected and matched electronic components.

Our job when offering a stand-alone phono preamplifier is to provide electronics with the right components matched in the key parts of the circuit. In addition, each unit is tested with selected tubes during quality control, so that you get the best signal and stereo image right out of the box.

Minimalistic design.

Theoretically, the ideal is to connect the signal coming from the cartridge as close as possible to its amplification, as it is a very weak signal prone to losses. What could be better than being able to have the electronics that gives it life on one side of the turntable?

The aluminium chassis offers a clean and pleasing look for both vintage turntables and modern minimalist lines.


  • Stereo tube phono preamplifier.
  • Class-A preamplification.
  • Mainly designed for MM cartridges, MC cartridges available on request.
  • Preamp tubes: 2x ECC83 + 1x ECC82.
  • 1 RCA input / 1 RCA output.
  • Input impedance: 47KΩ (MM).
  • Output impedance: 420Ω.
  • Gain: 52dB (MM).
  • Frequency response: 20 Hz / 20 KHz.
  • Passive RIAA equalisation curve.
  • All-aluminium chassis, excellent dissipation and shielding.
  • Internal power supply. Zero background noise.
  • Dimensions (H,W,D): 11 x 12 x 32 (cm)
  • Weight: 1.2 kg / 2.6 lbs.

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