Lithium 1005


Mini tube head amplifier

  • For home playing, recording studio and small gigs.
  • Clean to Crunch tone.
  • Perfect match with effect pedals.
  • Tube driven Spring Reverb.

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Times change and the needs of guitarists lead us to look in our home for a place where we can practice and play the guitar. Not always a very powerful and bad looking stage rig is the right thing to have at your home, so we have created a solution that adds the good tone of a boutique amp that operates at moderate volumes, with its own analog reverb and with a preamp circuit that receive the sounds of the effect pedals beautifully.


5W Single Ended Class-A

Sometimes 5W of tube power is a lot, but in this case it’s a smooth power circuit, so will not have an extreme volume at our home.

There’s something really special when we create amplifiers with this type of “Single Ended” power: when customers are testing it, it’s like getting the sound of the string transmitted purely to the speaker, with a quickness and naturalness that fascinates, it is the purest way to amplifier an audio signal. That’s why our Home-Audio devices are also “Single Ended”.


Analog Reverb

All mix better with a bit of tube reverb sound. Our way to design this reverb circuit is getting a transparent ambient tone, a real tube circuit between a compact Tank Reverb with 3 springs and long decay time trusting on Accutronics, of course.

You can use this amplifier at home, at the studio or small gigs, the result is always impressive. When you are recording at the studio you can set the volume at the perfect decibels for capturing the sound with the best microphones.

FX pedals friendly

¿And does it work well with effects pedals? Thanks to the design and impedance of the first preamp stage, you can connect any FX pedal to its input, what makes it really fun. Without complications, just plug in your effects and enjoy the tone through a true analog tube circuit. Definition, dynamics and warmness is the result.

If you like brands like Fender, Matchless, Ampeg or Bogner, then this amplifier is for you. Fender, Matchless, Ampeg o Bogner.


  • One channel: Clean / Blues / Crunch.
  • Preamp tubes: 3x ECC83 / 12AX7
  • Potencia de salida: 5W 6V6 Clase-A Single Ended.
  • Reverb system: Tube driven spring reverb tank.
  • Equalization controls.
  • Gain and volume controls.
  • Output impedances: 4/8/16 ohm.
  • Real wood enclosure.
  • Powered by 12V 2,5A power supply (included).
  • Dimensions (H,W,D): 26,5 x 20 x 18 cm.
  • Weight: 3,25 kg / 7 lbs.

Premium Selected Tubes

We trust in Tung-sol 12AX7 for the V1 input tube, because is a high quality, very stable and natural sound tube, for the rest of the preamp electronic circuit the ECC83 from JJ-electronics brings an excellent performance and detail. In that way, the Lithium-1005 preamp brings a high-end dynamic clean to crunch tone. The Tung-sol 6V6 GT reissue and respect the classic well balanced tone of the original 6V6 tubes.

Hammond Transformers

The transformers in tube equipment are one of the most important parts, especially the output transformer, which dignifies the final tone quality of all electronics.
That’s why we trust Hammond, the most important and historically recognised manufacturer of audio transformers since 1930. Made in Canada. The quality of their transformers is to bet high on quality and transparent sound, and this is noticeable when you compare the tone of an amplifier manufactured in series in Asia with a boutique one with good transformers.

The importance of a good choice

The perfect tone match with our speaker cabinet SC-112V.

No matter how much you care about everything you use and connect in your signal chain, in the end everything comes out thru the speaker, therefore it is who determines the final sound. This is why we trust in the Celestion G12H-75 Creamback. The speaker model that best respects the tone of the guitar string in both clean sound and overdrive, superb sensations.

Our recommendation for connecting this amplifier and getting the most out of its tone.

Head Amp + Open back vertical 112 speaker cabinet

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