Classic Floorstanding Speakers - High Efficiency

  • Realistic listening sensations at moderate volumes. Excellent sound dispersion.
  • Ideal for use with tube amplifiers and/or large rooms.
  • 12″ woofer and dual front bass reflex for natural and controlled bass.
  • Real wood: Front in solid ash. Plywood body birch.

High efficiency loudspeakers


When we think of the ideal loudspeaker, we think of it as an open window for the amplifier, allowing it to pass through and faithfully reproduce the signal source. This is achieved by simplifying the concepts, carefully selecting the elements and allowing for a real listening experience.

Once again we must look back to understand, appreciate and respect the great designs produced by the electro-acoustic masters of the mid-20th century, who created loudspeakers for cinema and for prestigious recording studios. This is where we are going to draw our influence from, for there is nothing better than a large, high-efficiency studio reference loudspeaker. With all due respect to this legacy, the Xtonebox S-12C is our representation of that excellent sound intended for home listening use.

12 inch woofer

The situation changes when you go to a woofer of this size, the bass response becomes more natural and this low frequency body fills the room in a real way without masking the rest of the frequencies.

We have selected a transducer that maintains excellent mid-frequency response and also performs very well at real house volumes.

Forcefulness and definition

This is the impression you get when listening to music with the Xtonebox S-12Cs, the open and detailed sound you get at the listening point is very important thanks to the accuracy and dispersion of the horn tweeter.

These speakers allow you to enjoy both direct listening and room ambience listening without losing detail.

We recommend a minimum room size of 20 square metres and a distance to the speakers of at least 3 metres, in order to enjoy them favourably.

Hi-fi vintage and audiophile

The comeback of vintage hifi equipment is a reality, their quality and sound are almost unbeatable, it is often difficult to find vintage speakers with perfect performance in good condition. The Xtonebox S-12C speakers are highly recommended if you are looking for large speakers with the great hi-fi sound of yesteryear. Their sensitivity (99 dB) is outstanding in combination with audiophile tube amplifiers and low wattage vintage transistor amplifiers.

Tube amplification

There is a large community of audiophiles who opt for a Single Ended tube amplifier, with Triode or Pentode power tubes, where power is between 5W and 15W. Due to this type of amplification, the output transformer needs a loudspeaker that is as pure as possible, with a respectful crossover and good sensitivity. The Xtonebox S-12C loudspeakers are the solution for this situation, through them you can really feel the clarity, dynamics and purity that these low power electronics deliver.

The Xtonebox Gold-3066 is a great recommendation for this type of listening.

Handcrafted woodwork

A differentiating factor is that we show the wood we use as it is. In this case we use a solid ash wood front, which, apart from its impressive appearance, generates an acoustic tone that enriches the music.

The furniture is made of birch plywood, the most stable and high quality wood board, giving firmness and avoiding inappropriate resonances.

Craftsmanship and technology come together to enjoy music in an outstanding way.



  • General description: High efficiency floor standing loudspeakers.
  • Enclosure type: dual bass reflex
  • Cabinet material: solid ash front + birch plywood body.
  • Type of transducers: 2-way.
  • Woofer Transducer: 300mm paper / kevlar cone
  • Tweeter Transducer: 25mm horn motor. Very low resonance.
  • Sensitivity (1W @ 1m): 99 dB
  • Power (RMS): 180 watts
  • Power handling (max): 360 watts
  • Recommended power: from 3 watts to 120 watts per channel
  • Nominal impedance: 8Ω
  • Frequency response: (+/-3dB): 20Hz - 20kHz
  • Dimensions: 665 x 400 x 340 (mm)
  • Dimensions with base: 900 x 400 x 372 (mm)
  • Weight: 23,50 kg / 52 lbs (per unit)
  • Weight with base: 31,50 kg / 70 lbs (per unit)
  • Bases included. Tilt option by changing the front legs.
  • Rear connectors for bi-amping, optional.

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