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Small but beastly, it generates high gain sounds for the most extreme music styles. Two independent channels and Master Volume control. This amplifier demonstrates that it is not necessary to load with big amplifiers to obtain high gain tones with professional quality. Rich in harmonics and bluntness is the first impression that is obtained, then, it will pass to be your favorite gear.

This Tube Amp Head is compact, modern, strong and loud. Gain, equalization and volume per channel. The Power Amp with 36 Watts CLASS-A in Push-Pull Pentode configuration is capable of delivering impressive volumes.


  • Channel 1: Clean/Plexi/Lead.
  • Channel 2: Modern High Gain.
  • Preamp tubes: 3x ECC83.
  • PI tube: ECC83.
  • Output power: 36W Class- A (4x EL84).
  • Master volume.
  • Independent channel controls.
  • Scream control.
  • FX Loop.
  • Direct out / Tuner out.
  • Output impedance selector (4/8/16 ohm).
  • “Impulse Light Technology” mode.
  • Dimensions (H,W,D): 30 x 18 x 23 cm.
  • Weight: 6,8 kg / 15 lbs.

MSRP:   1524€  /  1560 USD

(VAT not included)