RED 112

RED – 112




     Here you are, a special speaker cabinet, it is like a compact cube that brings to you mids and treble response with a unique loudness for a cabinet so small.

     There are a QRD Diffuser inside, that bring us a good round tone with the best mids. Handmade Guitar Cabinet, Closed, Compact Dimensions, Good Wood, Good Speaker, Amazing Sound for a 1×12″.


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  • Speaker: Celestion Vintage 30.
  • Power: 60 Watts. – Impedance: 8 Ohm.
  • Wood: Laminated Beech.
  • QRD Diffuser inside.
  • Frontal bass breath.
  • Send Thru the speaker signal to another Cab.
  • This Cab is ready to “Impulse Light Technology”.
  • Extraible Front, for better Microphone captation on recordings.
  • Compact cabinet.
  • Dimensions: 40x38x38 cm (HxWxD).
  • Weight: 12,2 kg / 26,9 lbs.