Lithium 1005

740 exc. VAT

Mini tube head amplifier

  • For home playing, recording studio and small gigs.
  • Clean to Crunch tone.
  • Perfect for pedal effects.
  • Tone and volume controls.

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Guitar mini tube amplifier

You’re in front of a tube amplifier that generates full sensations at low volumes. Its Gain control allows drive / overdrive / crunch saturations without turning up the volume. In addition, the Volume control works as a Master control: turning it down doesn´t mean losing everything, and turning it up shows you that 5W give a lot.

Lithium 1005

There’s something really special when we create amplifiers with this type of “Single Ended” power (it means that we use a single tube to make the power stage): when we are testing it, it’s like getting the sound of the string transmitted purely to the speaker, with a quickness and naturalness that fascinates us. That’s why our Home-Audio devices are also “Single Ended”.

Lithium 1005

You can use this amplifier at home, at the studio or live (using a microphone to capture the sound of the speaker cabinet), the result is always impressive. When you are recording at the studio you can set the volume at the perfect decibels for capturing the sound with the best microphones.

In addition to meeting the performance requirements, we know that an amplifier must also meet aesthetical needs. Here they are.

Lithium 1005

¿And does it work well with effects pedals? Thanks to the design and impedance of the first preamp stage, you can connect any pedal to its input, what makes it really fun. Without complications, just plug in your effects unit and enjoy all the effects through a true analog tube circuit. Definition, dynamics and warmness go hand in hand.

If you like brands like Fender, Matchless, Ampeg or Bogner, then this amplifier is for you.


  • One channel: Clean / Blues / Crunch.
  • Preamp tubes: 2x ECC83 / 12AX7
  • Output power: 5W 6V6 Class-A Single Ended.
  • Equalization controls.
  • Gain and volume controls.
  • Output impedance selector (4/8/16 ohm).
  • Real wood enclosure.
  • Powered by 12V 2,5A power supply (included).
  • Dimensions (H,W,D): 26 x 16 x 17 cm.
  • Weight: 1,4 kg / 3 lbs.

Remark: this model replaces the Blue-1005 amplifier, which will go to our Limited Edition equipment section.

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