Silver 6011

950$ exc. VAT

Integrated tube stereo amplifier

  • Tube preamplifier with EQ controls.
  • Phono Tube preamplifier for MM cartridges.
  • Bluetooth HD AptX input.
  • Efficiente Class-D 60W+60W power amp.

Integrated tube stereo amplifier with tube phono stage and HD bluetooth

Our Silver 6011 amplifier represents the fusion between the best sound of the past with today’s effectiveness. We have combined the warm and defined sound of audio valve technology and the use of turntables with today’s audio-wireless Bluetooth solutions. Everything powered by a Class-D power stage that multiplies the good design of our preamplifier.

Pure warm and sensitivity sound

Best option for begginners on stereo tube amplifiers, because no maintenance is necessary on the tube set, as habitual for example, the bias current and the low life of the power tubes in standard music tube amplifiers. In this case you have 4 selected preamp tubes with a time life of around 10 years. Just power on and enjoy your music.

Tube phono preamplifier.

Vinyl lovers welcome. You can plug your turntable to an authentic audio valve circuit, just as the ones used at vinyl’s golden years. You’ll first notice a clear and strong sound that will be followed by hours of enjoyment listening to your records.

Turntable phono tube audio preamp. MM cartridge.

High Definition Bluetooth

We also have included a Bluetooth circuit so you can listen music wirelessly using your smartphone, tablet, iPhone, iPad, PC, Mac or any other Bluetooth device. It isn’t a simple Bluetooth connection, it is a circuit that implements Qualcomm aptX technology and provides a high definition audio experience.

Selected Electronic Manufacture

In order to deliver the best sound response and durable electronics, we rely on components from brands like Nichicon, Vishay, Xicon, Tung-sol and JJ-electronics.

Craftsmanship for you

Handcrafted with real wood cabinet. We craft one by one the cabinets. The wood grain is something natural and random, that is why, each unit of Silver-6011 is unique.

Tube Equalization

Something usual when it comes to audio valve amplifiers is the lack of tone controls. This was usually thought as an audiophile factor or as a failure of designs. We have created an equalization circuit which has no signal loss when its controls are centered. After all, everyone enjoys having the control of the final sound. Why are not we going to be able to adjust the tone on a vinyl record? Why are not we going to be able to give more definition to the cymbals of Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue?

Versatile inputs

The 4 audio inputs are necessary in order to use the amplifier as your tool for listening to music or watching movies. The two auxiliary inputs (AUX 1, AUX 2) thought to be used with devices such as CD player (highly recommended), television, DVD / Blu Ray player or any game console.

High-end quality connector

Solid and heavy gold plated connectors.

The same connector quality as the most expensive audio amplifiers are used in the Silver-6011. Any signal cable and speaker cable will have the best connection properties, for a non lose tone.

Efficient Class-D power stage

Everything powered by a Class-D power stage that multiplies the good design of our preamplifier, and bring music to live thru the loudspeakers.

Power amplifier output:

  • 35W+35W (8ohm).
  • 60W +60W (4ohm).

(MkII specs.)


  • Hybrid integrated amplifier.
  • Tube audio preamplifier. ECC83 / 12AX7.
  • Turntable phono tube audio preamp. MM cartridge. ECC83 / 12AX7.
  • High definition Bluetooth v4.2 with Qualcomm aptX.
  • 2 Aux inputs for analog audio reproduction. CD Player & Multimedia devices.
  • Equalization tube audio stage. Lossless Bass and Treble controls.
  • Power amplifier: Class-D technology.
  • Power output: 45W+45W (8ohm) THD+N 1%. / 60W+60W (4ohm) THD+N 1%.
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20kHz (+/-0.5dB).
  • Manufactured with the best possible electronic components from current production.
  • Internal high-grade power supply.
  • Handcrafted real wood cabinet. Each unit is unique.
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 135 x 410 x 245 (mm).
  • Weight: 4,6 kg (11 lbs.)


(Specs for Silver-6011 MkII)

Luis A. Flores

This is a very good product. Xtonebox did a fabulous job in making the amp sound very natural, with none of the harshness sometimes associated with class D amplification. In addition, the phono pre amp is also included and is designed with vacuum tubes. Vinyl records sound great here. Presently, I am matching the Xtonebox Silver 6011 with Whaferdale 80th Anniversary speakers, this is a great combination in a small room (…) and the real wood enclosure makes this amp look fantastic. Very happy with this purchase.


Such a high quality and well designed integrated amplifier made in Galicia (Spain). I feel very proud to have an HiFi equipment of this quality made in my land. Great job @xtonebox !

Amazon Customer

 If you’ve been eying this thing, just get it. 

Nice little amp. Good way to get introduced to tubes and specifically tube pre amps. Build quality is nice and looks great, happy with the purchase. Looks and sounds good.

Silver-6011 Reviews

“It is an amplifier that falls in love from the first moment you see and hear it.”

“with it’s retro looks and modern technology this is an amplifer that audiophiles will lust after, sound quality is first rate!!”

Eden Audio

“Xtonebox: A fresh breath with vintage airs.”


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